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123 Sample Street

, US 47167
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The photos and description featured on a property page will come from the agent, AFTER the home has been added to the MLS. We can add features of the home here as well. The agent’s information will be posted in the photographs, the description and in the drip text that potential buyers receive when they text in the code from the sign.

A HOME INSPECTION REPORT IS LOADED WITH THIS PROPERTY TO VISUALLY DISPLAY HOW THE SYSTEM WORKS. DO NOT PURCHASE THE REPORT. REFUNDS WILL NOT BE ISSUED. To View a Sample Report, go to was started to help buyers, sellers, realtors, and home inspectors enjoy a better real
estate experience.

REAL ESTATE AGENTS: Leads are captured via our signs, contact forms, and sold home inspection reports. Any leads we receive are shared with the LISTING agent only. While other third parties charge you for leads they collect on your listings, we offer this service for free in an effort to do what is right and to foster business partnerships between agents and inspectors. For more info, go to

SELLERS: The pre-sale inspection helps you find out what is wrong with your home before listing. This allows you to plan and budget accordingly for any improvements you wish to complete, puts you in control of negotiations, and helps you receive top dollar in your final sale. Additionally, you have the opportunity to enroll for special incentives to help with repairs and earn money back from sold home inspection reports. To learn more, go to

BUYERS: Interested buyers are able to preview a home for little cost PRIOR to making an offer. This can save the buyer hundreds to thousands of dollars and wasted time inspecting homes they may not want to purchase after the inspection. The pre-sale inspection was performed for the seller and is meant only as a preview for the buyer. For their protection, buyers are encouraged to purchase their own inspection report on the home they choose to pursue as conditions may have changed after the day of the seller’s inspection.


While this program is completely FREE to agents, member agents receive the following special benefits.
Instant Leads: Member agents receive leads immediately via text and email. Non members rely on our Certainty staff to share any leads we receive at our earliest convenience.
Dashboard: Member agents receive a CRM dashboard to manage their leads and keep track of communication.
Demographics: Member agents are able to look up a variety of demographics (if found) on each lead as well as perform a free sex offender check. Non-member agents will only receive the name and phone number collected.
Other Listings: Member agents may upload their non-inspected listings to our site as well. We will place lead capture signs in those yards to capture leads via home inspection offers.

To learn more about being a realtor member, go to

Address: 123 Sample Street
Zip: 47167
Property Id : 18106
List Date: 2018-06-19
Stories: 0
Yeart Built: 0.0
MLS#: H123_6F3B42
CMS Info: {"M": "H123_6F3B42", "S": "IL", "E": 208}
Real Estate Agent Details

Kayla Troutman

{"partner_disclaimer": "", "partner_link_id": 1787, "partner_email": "", "partner_bio": "", "partner_last_name": "Troutman", "partner_image": "", "partner_phone": "", "partner_brokerage_name": "", "partner_logo": "", "partner_first_name": "Kayla"}
Inspector Details

Certainty Home Inspections LLC


Certainty Home Inspections is dedicated to improving the industry standard because we believe all clients and agents deserve high quality, stress free home inspections. We encourage a learning environment where we can constantly improve our services through helpful feedback and innovative advancements. We are always at your service!


The Pre Sale Inspection performed was for the benefit of the Seller of the property and the Home Inspector does not guarantee or warranty the condition of the house after the inspection was performed. Purchasing the attached home inspection report is a way to learn more about the house prior to making an offer on the house, and the report must not be relied upon as the sole home buying decision. The Home Inspector has no legal liability to any Prospective Buyer and it is strongly recommended all Prospective Buyers get a new home inspection performed by a Home Inspector of their choosing.

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